Italian Vineyard Shawl Knitting Pattern

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Imagine having a green landscape of rolling fields in front of you, breathing in the wonderful grapes aroma that comes from the surrounding vineyards, a romantic walk through endless cypress-lined country roads and hilltop villages, you can feel the stress of a busy life fade away………all this is “Italian Vineyard Shawl”, dedicated to celebrate the joy of life!

Italian Vineyard Shawl was created using hand dyed yarn with natural products, continue reading to know more about the story of this new adventure!

This is the Story!

A few years ago I learned how to make dyes from naturally ingredients and now I have a passion for natural dyeing!
In addition to that I have had the opportunity to create and knit my first design using my own colors, and I am pleased to present you – Italian Wineryard Shawl – Knitting Pattern.
Mother nature has provided a huge variety of leaves, roots, barks, berries, nuts, funghis and lichens are all good sources of natural dyes, as are minerals and even some insects such as cochineal!

During my learning process I discovered that there is something Magical besides artistic, in obtaining the colors from organic ingredients, dyeing the yarn and knitting with it, the colors blend effortlessly when you are using them together and the feeling of the hand dyed yarn in your hands is just unique and so precious.

What ingredients I used to obtein the colors for – Italian Vineyard Shawl?

First color used is from what is called here in Italy – Viola Campeggio – the english name is logwood:
Logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum) originates from the Yucatan region of Mexico and is naturalized throughout Central America and parts of the Caribbean. It was also known as Palo de Campeche or Campeche wood. Like cochineal, it was one of the valuable dyes from the New World and Spain and England went to war over regions that were lush with logwood trees in an effort to control the lucrative logwood dye trade.
Logwood or Viola Campeggio is the protagonist of “Italian Wineyard shawl” with the deep purple color that covers more than half with a gentle lace design.

Second color used is cochineal,or carmine as it is commonly known, is a red insect dye that has been used for centuries to dye textiles and cosmetics. The color created from this cochineal dye is absolutely beautiful. It creates bright, bold and deep red colors and talking about hand dyed yarn, you can get any shade you want, depend on the percentage used and the technique you create to make your yarn color perfect for your design.

I loved the full process of hand dyed yarn and knit this shawl even if took me two years, but now I can offer to my audience the pattern and the yarn kit! beleive me, this will be a unique experience for all knitters!

Italian Vineyard Shawl is a half circle shawl worked in one piece from top-down, starts at the center back of the neck and is knit down to the bottom edge. There is 3 stitches garter border on each side, 2 yarn over and 2 stitches increases (m1l & m1r), total of 4 stitches increases on each right side row. Shawl has two lace section, first lace design is about ¾ of shawl and second lace design is ¼ of shawl, using 3 colors yarn and knitting beautiful
waves and lace design.
Patterning is done on the right-side rows only and wrong-side rows is purled between the
garter borders.

Finished measurements
Wingspan: 70 inch (178cm)
Depth: 22 inch (56cm)

Yarn Information

Liliacraftparty hand dyed fingering yarn using natural products – 100% Italian Merino (400 yds. / 452m = 100 grams)
Shown in colorway: MC: Cabernet, CC1: Marsala, CC2: Merlot, CC3: Chianty
Shop Updates Information: this yarn is Hand Dyed with organic natural products and the process is more delicate, check for Yarn Kits ready to ship at Liliacraftparty,
check Shop Updates exact date and time on my Instagram/Liliacraftparty or contact me to to make your

Start working on this pattern today!

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    What a gorgeous shawl! I love those colors!

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    What a beautiful shawl! I love the colours you chose!

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