Lilia Vanini created Liliacraftparty, a crafts brand to get inspired to knit and crochet, enjoying and learning something new, easy and pretty every day of our lives!
Through all of her Knitting and Crochet Patterns, Lilia encourage everybody to learn to knit and crochet, is a wonderful feeling when you say, “I want to do this, what if I tried this?…what if I start this project?…How will be when I finish to knit this scarf?…I can use it with my beige coat!, I can give as gift to my daughter!”,….. knitting and crochet is used for therapy and is supremely relaxing, which is extremely important for reducing stress and anxiety, so don´t stop knitting, it keep you healthy!
Lilia’s goal is to make you feel how your mind fly away from daily worries and every day little or big problems, you relax, think about something nice and warm and bring to your life, enthusiasm, happiness and joy!
Lilia’s Signature Style
Modern designs with classic shapes, focusing on wearability and detail, intriguing textures, delicate lace, stranded colorwork in vivid and bright colors.
Lilia´s patterns are unique and made thinking in all beginners and people that want to learn to knit and crochet.
Lilia´s designs looking to dress elegantly and comfortable all curvi and full figure women using secret knitting techniques that she will found on her knitting and crochet patterns.
Lilia’s patterns are made thinking in all beginners, she really makes sure that everybody has a great knitting and crocheting experience. Her experience as knitter and crafter make her tutorials and projects easy to follow and fun to execute.
In 2019 Lilia launched Liliacraftparty Hand Dyed Yarns,  she said ” I started hand dyeing yarn to use on my designs, but after a few months, after the great respond and request from lovely customers, I launched Liliacraftparty Yarns, so welcome and let’s knit and crochet something pretty for you or your loves ones using Liliacraftparty Yanrs.”
Part of her project for this website was to create a Knitting Stitches Patterns Database, that include many unique, pretty and some of them, almost lost stitches you won’t find anywhere, giving you a complete step by step instructions, written and charted diagrams and many of them also include video tutorial. Lilia’s is growing this stitch database weekly so stay tuned, checking Liliacraftparty website every day!


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