if you need to contact me to ask a question about my knitting and crochet patterns, need additional help, need more information about my work or want to work with me in a collab, please contact me at:


Looking forward to hearing from you… ♥ Lilia Vanini / LiliaCraftParty

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F.A.Q (Please read these frequently asked questions)

1. Where can I buy Lilia Vanini / LiliaCraftParty Knitting and Crochet patterns? 
Liliacraftparty Knitting and Crochet patterns are available at Ravelry and Etsy Shops. You can also find our patterns on LoveKnitting and CrochetKnitting.

2. I think I have found a pattern error, what should I do?
Please send me a n email to: liliavanini@live.com including the name of the pattern, the size you are knitting, and the issue you have encountered and I will be happy to take a look an if is something I need to fix or revise I will send you a brand new pdf pattern to your inbox.

3. Do you translate your patterns into other languages?
At this moment all my patterns are in USA English. I choose not to have my patterns translated into other languages, because I´m not able to ensure the quality of the translation, or answer questions in languages other than English.

4. How can I carry LiliaCraftParty patterns in my LYS?
Please contact me at: liliavanini@live.com with the name of you shop and location and I will be happy to discuss with you about the patterns you need and want and I can also make suggestions regarding which of my patterns would work best with the yarn lines you carry.

5. Do you teach knitting and crochet on events or are able to travel to teach?
YES! If you want me to teach one of my knitting and crochet patterns on your event, retreat or party, just contact me at: liliavanini@live.com and yes! I can travel around the world with my needles and yarn and give a great knitting experience to your audience.