Mock Cable

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Mock Cable is a pretty knitting stitch you can use it for sweaters, socks, shawls and any other item you want to knit

To make this swatch cast on 44sts

Row 1: k1, *p2, k3, repeat from* to end

Row 2: k1, *k2, p2, with left needle tip pass second st of right needle over first st (keep first st on right needle, keep second st on left needle), p2tog, repeat from* to last 3sts, k3

Row 3: k1, *p2, k1, yo, k1, repeat from* to last 3sts, p2, k1

Row 4: k1, *k2, p3, repeat from* to last 3sts, k3

Repeat row 1 to row 4.

Swatch was made using Liliacraftparty Hand Dyed Yarn – Merino Sock, colorway: Italian Peach

You can find this yarn HERE

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