Brioche English Style Knitting Stitch #9

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Let's learn Brioche Knitting Stitch English Style! Are you ready?

Brioche English Style Knitting Stitch gives a squishy texture, great to knit warm items

brioche knitting stitch learn this tutorial by Lilia Vanini Liliacraftparty


Yarn: Liliacraftparty Peruvian Alpaca

Needles Size:

Number of stitches:
To make this knitting stitch you need even number of stitches

To make this swatch, CO 28 sts.

Abbreviations: You will find a useful list of abbreviations on this page
This list includes the abbreviations you need to make this knitting stitch and will help you with other stitches and patterns too, so keep this guide handy, is a gift from LiliaCraftParty.
If there is a special abbreviation made only for this stitch will be written on the –Notes.


Cast on 28sts

Set Up Row: *k1, p1, repeat from* to end

Row 1: k1, p1, *1kb (to make your 1kb, insert needle tip on small round st, under your loop stitch as you see in the pictures), p1, repeat from* to end

Repeat row 1

Watch the video at end of page to make it even easier the learning process

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Brioche Knitting Stitch English Style pattern tutorial by Lilia Vanini Liliacraftparty

Patterns that use Brioche English Style Knitting Stitch

Questions about Brioche Knitting Stitch

Is Brioche knitting difficult?
Brioche is not difficult at all and after you learn how to make your 1kb, you can knit brioche for hours, this is great for social knitting, as you don't have to count stitches.

Is brioche reversible?
Yes, your front and back will be exactly the same design

Does Brioche Knitting Stitch use more yarn?
Yes, Brioche knitting used twice more yarn than stockinette stitch

How do you start brioche knitting?
You will need a simple set row of k1, p1

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  1. Patricia Smith

    Can you make a video using 2 colors in brioche knitting. I love your English style of brioche knitting you make it so easy.

    Thank you

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